Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Zipper Envelope Pillow Tutorial

I'm making progress on pillows to re-color my living room!  I've only gotten two done and I have about 20 more to go.  Haha, not quite 20....but seriously I have a lot of throw pillows on our couches.

Ok, here's the rundown of what it cost me:
  • paisley-ish fabric: FREE (my mom bought a whole bolt of it and gave me some)
  • geometric fabric:  half a yard for about $4 at Hancock
  • feather pillows:  These are pillows I already owned so technically they were free.  I originally got them from Ross.  They had hideous covers on them and were on clearance for about $3.
    Here's a quick how-to:

    I made templates out of poster board after the first round of pillows I made for a day bed we used to have.  This saves a ton of time and eliminates measuring and worrying about keeping corners square every time.  The template shown is for an 18x18 inch pillow cover.

    1.  The big square is 18x17, the one next to it is 13x18 and the third one is 10x18.  I simply trace them onto the fabric with a pen so I have a line to follow when I sew because I can't sew a straight line to save my life.
    2.  After I've traced the template I cut them out and leave about a half inch or more of fabric past the line that I've drawn.
    3.  The next step is to hem the panels that will be the flaps on the back of the pillow.  And yes, that is really my disgusting ironing board cover.  I fold the edges over twice then iron them so they stay down.

    Then sew.

    3.  After both panels are hemmed, attach the corners of one of the flaps to the front panel of the pillow with a pin.  Make sure the back side of the fabric is facing out.  Repeat with the other back flap.
    4.  Pin the bigger flap to the front panel.  The bigger flap should be on the outside when the pillow is finished.
    5.  Pin the smaller flap.
    6.  Sew!  Follow the lines drawn on the fabric and re-enforce the corners by double-backing on them.  Make sure those pins are removed before the needle gets there.

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    1. we need to find another fabric for more pillows (2 just aren't cutting it)...keep an eye out? :)

    2. I'm slowly giving our 35 year old home another make over. Love this pillow idea. Thanks, great tutorial. I'm off to look for some 'cheap ugly' pillows to recover!

    3. Thanks for the how to. I am working on some for my family room - I bought material now to pull out the ole sewing machine - I am not a seamstress. I think I use my machine about once a year just to make sure it still works is all. Can't wait to get going on them.

    4. What a beautiful tutorial! Thanks for linking it! I'll be featuring this on BCD on March 29th!

    5. Love this tutorial and am actually getting ready to pick out fabric for large pillows for our couch! I am talking 26x26!! Can you help me figure out what sizes I would need to cut the fabric for those??

    6. so cool! Linked here thru tip junkie and its a great tutorial! I just bought my 1st sewing machine and am determined to learn ASAP! Clothing for my 2 little gals and pillows are on the list :)

    7. Thanks for all the love for my little tutorial!

    8. Great little tutorial! I'm your newest follower!

    9. Great tutorial and beautiful pillows! Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!


    10. great tutorial. i have a party that goes from tues-thurs, i would love you shared this. http://typeadecorating.blogspot.com/2011/04/anything-goes-party-11.html

    11. thanks for linking this to my party. i wish i had seen it before i made my pillows, this is so easy.

    12. Super cute! I've bookmarked this page to put to good use later. Thanks for the tutorial!

    13. I can't sew a line to save my life, either. Thanks for the tip!! I LOVE your blog.... I think we have the same style, and definitely the same budget! =) I'm a new follower. Would love it if you could stop by and say hi, or link up to Memory Mondays Blog Hop!

    14. Hi - I just found you by accident and THANK YOU for the tutorial! I am loading up my bobbins right now.

      Love your living room re-do

    15. Very great tutorial. Love the couch pillows and material.You are a very good seamstress. Isn't it nice to be able to make your own goodies for your home? Aren't those coupons for Jo-Ann's, Hobby lobby and Michaels great. The clerks at Michaels expect me to produce a coupon. And now they have their rewards card. Don't know exactly what the rewards are but sooner or later I guess I'll find out. Found out too that on tuesdays Michaels offers 10% off with Aarp card for senior customers. Then there's the lucky people that live on the east coast that have A.C. Moore. I was able to go to one of those with hubby while on the trucking road one time and I went crazy in that place. Husband threatened to ship me home with my goodies, too much weight added.(He didn't specify if the weight was me or the craft goodies and I didn't ask.) Happy sewing.

    16. This is a fab tutorial, I am in the process of redecorating my house, and I want to make as much myself as I can, so I think I will be taking a lot from your blog xx Leigh x

    17. i really want to make these pillow covers but you dont say which pieces to hem in the first step or which pieces to attac...number them or something so i know which piece attaches to what thank you


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