Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hi/Lo: Natural Fiber Indoor & Outdoor Throw Pillows

Sisal, raffia, and even paper (there's also a faux one or two in the mix)!  I'm loving these pillows that would look great in a sun room or by a pool.  Can you put them in order from least to most expensive?!  The source list is below and I put the answer in the comments.

Source List:
1.via 2.via  3.via4.via5.via 6.via 

Most of the pillows came in multiple sizes so I let the price of the smallest pillow determine the lowest price.


Aaron said...

Of course this will change once some of those are no longer on sale. But there you have it. The West Elm ones seem like a pretty good deal...wish I had a pool to put them by.

Simple Dwellings said...

I was way off! I was thinking, 341526. What a fun challenge! Thanks so much for stopping by and following today! :)

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