Monday, June 27, 2011

Nursery Gallery Wall

I'm done!  The second massive wall in my son's nursery is (almost) complete.  I'll probably continue to add to it little by little over time, but for now...I'm done!

This little gallery wall ended up taking a lot more time than I thought it would (of course).  I started with only six frames and the clock and quickly realized that they weren't going to cover the amount of space that I thought they would.  I scrounged up every frame I could find in my house that wasn't being used and I ended up with a mish mash of frames.  Sometimes a mix of completely different frames works...these frames didn't work.  They needed something to pull them all together, so I decided to paint them all white.

The spray paint didn't mix so great with the slight winds we were having, so I ditched the can for a brush.  Painting the frames with a brush took for-ev-er, but it was worth it.

Once I had the frames painted I had to fill 'em up. 

The vintage-looking prints of the solar system, rocket, girl with a telescope, and astronaut (not pictured above) came from a book that I tore apart so I could put those pretty little pictures into frames.
I originally saw A Is for Astronaut at Pottery Barn Kids for $16, but I found a used copy on Amazon for $5.  Not bad for 6 little prints!

I was afraid that the big frame would be expensive to fill, but I typed up the birth stats print in Adobe Illustrator and got it printed at Costco for $6.  $6 for a 16x 20 print!  I was inspired by these prints I've seen around the internet on other blogs and etsy.  It looked easy enough, so I gave it a shot and I love how it turned out.  Here's a sampling of those inspirational prints via Pinterest. 

The other frames are filled with fabric that I've used in other places around the room.  I plan on using the one with stripes as a dry erase board.

Here's the finished product again:
I mostly used things that I already had.  I've had the frames, paint, fabric, book and clock ($3 at Target) for quite a while, so I only had to spend $6 of new money on my print from Costco!

I'm really looking forward to expanding the gallery organically, and I love the new colors it brings to the room.  I only have a couple more little things to do until I can get shots of the whole room.  Almost done!

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the cape on the corner said...

that is fantastic! i LOVE this, especially his announcement that you made. good call with the book, and even better for finding it online. i so need to keep that in mind!

Kylie said...

Looks amazing and will be adopting the same idea in my kids rooms! Thought I would let you know that I found some gorgeous free vintage space prints on pinterest not that long ago that I love, you can find them here
Thank you for the good ideas!

Anne said...

looks so great! I love it!

Taylor-Ann said...

I am just about to start the gallery wall for my little guys nursery when I came across yours. I love it. Now I really want to start working on mine.

Katie said...

This is absolutley adorable.

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration. Have you seen Sarah Jane's line of fabrics called Children at Play? They go perfectly with your theme.

Sarah Johnston said...

I LOVE THIS! I too purchased a bunch of peices from the Dwell Studio Space at Target but have been searching all day on what to do for the walls and other decor. I LOVE THE PLANET MOBILE AND THE FRAME COLLAGE. I already got the A is for Astronaut book. Wish PB still sold the mobile but I will keep looking on ebay. THANKS!!!!!

Brandy said...

Wow I was admiring this room because I got the same set and then noticed the Raleigh, NC in the subway art. I live I. Raleigh too! Neat!

domonique @ a bowl full of simple said...

the gallery looks great! i have been procrastinating putting up a gallery in our family room. i don't know why it seems so daunting to me to start it. do you have any tips for where to start? also, you should start an etsy store for those birth announcement prints!

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