Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Fabric Covered Pin Boards

Y'all,  I actually completed a project.  Gasp!  It's been so long!  I think the last thing that I got done was my laundry room back in November.  This project it significantly smaller than an entire room, but I'd say I'm on my way to getting our little office area in our master complete.

I stumbled across some pin boards on clearance in Target and I was inspired!  For the longest time I had no idea what to do with the big wall above our home office space in our master bedroom, and I had one dinky little pin board propped up behind the monitor.  The pin board itself is not so bad to look at and I actually have one hanging up in my kitchen, but I wanted something a little more sophisticated looking than a black framed cork board for our office/master.

I've had one of the cork boards for years and I found the other two for $4 each (they're now back to $15 each).  I paid $10 for 3 yards of canvas at Jo Ann (I had a coupon) and I used thumbtacks as my "nail head trim."  I used less than 100 tacks for each board, but I bought 3 packs of 100 anyway which cost about $7.  Soooo....that's a grand total of about $25 to get one giant wall in my bedroom done!

Not only was this a pretty cheap project, but it also didn't take a ton of time.  The process was really simple. 

Done and done!  OK, not exactly, it was a little tedious to put each tack in, but the result is worth it.

I considered waiting to post this little project until I got the rest of my desk area all organized and pretty, but I think it'll be a while.  This is a little glimpse of what I'm working with:

And that's after I cleared and dusted the desktop.  I need some cutesy desk accessories and I need to do some de-cluttering....and I need to actually put some things on my pin boards.

I'll keep y'all updated!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Goods Leaner Mirror: To Keep or Return?

I set aside $100 of my Christmas money to spend on a big, tall leaner mirror for our bedroom.  The last time I was in Home Goods they had quite a selection of mirrors to choose from.  I was so happy because all of the other leaner mirrors I had come across were soooooo expensive.  Like, $250 and up.  This one was $99 and it's 79"x30".  Now, even though that's a good bit of mirror for the price, I'm still not convinced that it's the one.  It was such a good deal that I kind of just got it thinking that I'd probably regret it if I didn't.

Here it is in the space:

Some how it still looks dinky to me.  That corner area is just a little bigger than I thought it would be.  Maybe I'm just being picky, but I think I'd really love it if it were about 3-5 inches wider or at least had a thicker frame. 

It was such an ordeal just to get it to our house that I'm dreading returning it if that's what I decide to do.  I think if I do return it, then I'll just wait to get a Songe mirror when I make a trip to Ikea for playroom stuff.

That mirror is 77"x35" and it's also $99.  I think I'd have to do something about that silver frame though.

I still have a couple weeks to decide if I want the Home Goods mirror, and I might try a couple different things to make it look a little more grounded in our room.


Hope you're having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Print and Thanks!

Tomorrow I'll show off my new leaner mirror that I found at Home Goods, but today I'm just gonna do a little self promoting and say some quick thank yous.

I just added a new print to my Etsy shop!  I have mostly boy themed prints, so I figured I'd make a fun, colorful, polka dotty one for girls.  I've also dropped the price of my 8x10 prints to $12 and set up a new way to purchase an 11x14 or a 16x20.  I hope I've made it easier.  I'm also still offering 30% off to Thrifty Abode readers when they use the coupon code THRIFTY.  Head on over to my Etsy shop,  Lanie and Lola and take a look around! 

Thanks to Casa Sugar for featuring my DIY jug lamp!

Thanks to Lil Sugar for featuring my nursery gallery wall!

Thanks for the pins!

Pinterest has become the second biggest referrer (next to Google) of traffic to the Thrifty abode and it's definitely due to the wonderful people who have pinned my projects and pictures from my posts.  Thanks a lot!
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