Our Abode

Even though we've been in this home for 3 years, I'm no where near finished decorating.  Most of these shots will be "in progress" pics.  I'll update as I get rooms completed.

I'll start with the outside of the house and work my way up:

As you can see our house is divided into three floors.

Here's the layout of the first floor:

And here is our living room:

Our little...and I mean little....dining area that's behind the living room.

Kitchen that needs some work...
....and kitchen.
Click here to see the entire post I wrote with details on our first floor.

Here's the second floor:
 This is the nursery:

 See the rest of the nursery details here, here, and here.

 ....guest room in progress (yikes)....

....2nd floor junk closet hallway.

Here's the third floor:

To see the entire post I wrote on the second and third floors of our house click here.

Hope you'll stick with me as I jump from room to room to get my little house decorated.
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