Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never Waste Your Money On An Organic Onion!

I've been trying to buy more organic and whole/unprocessed foods lately.  Of course, this can lead to a pretty big grocery bill.  Today (I'll get back to decorating tomorrow) I'm gonna quickly share a tool that helps me stick to our food budget.

The Clean 15 is a list of fruits and veggies that have little to no pesticide residue.  Because they have zero or low amounts of pesticide, I don't waste my money buying organic versions of them.
The 2011 list was recently released by the Environmental Working Group and they even have a handy dandy printable version that you can cut out and carry with you when you go to the grocery store.
So easy and such a great money saver!

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Brunchwear said...

I know this post if a bit old but I was linked back from Pintrest. Corn is on the clean list but it still should be bough organically due to GMOs.

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