Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chore Check-Up

It's been over a month since I first posted about this chore chart.  I talked about my intentions of  having a plan and keeping the house clean since I'm at home more and not teaching blah, blah, blah. 

Well, I've only been really trying for about two weeks and I've done a not bad job. 

Just because those boxes aren't checked doesn't mean I didn't complete the task either.  If I hadn't done the dishes for three days our house could have been taken over by the public health department.  I'm just not much of a stickler for checking the boxes for the things that automatically get done.  It does feel really good to check off that bathroom box, though.  I used to be very inconsistent about cleaning the bathrooms because they're so...well...gross.  Now I've realized that if I take some of my time to do basic upkeep they are less gross.  Whodathunk?

I used the chart from the Project Girl as a jumping off point and I tweaked it to make it more suited for my needs.  You can click the blank copy below if you'd like to print one for yourself.
Even though I've already asked, I'd still love to hear any tips and suggestions for keeping a clean house!

Have a great Tuesday!


Jen said...

Have you heard of the index card system? You have cards for each day of the week with the items you'll do on that day (i.e., cleaning the bathroom on Monday, getting groceries on Tuesday, library on Wednesday...). Then you have other cards that are monthly, for less frequent things (clean the fridge, maybe). Then another card for seasonal/quarterly (rake leaves, clean gutters, clean carpets, etc.) You can also have cards for semi-annually, yearly, whatever works for you. You keep them all in a box and pin up the ones you are working on. When they are done, put them back in the back of the section they came from, so they'll cycle back. And you can't put them away until all the things on that card are done, so you HAVE to do them at some point. Then you don't have to keep 1) trying to remember everything to write down on a list and 2) don't have to keep writing it down, over and over again for each week's to do list.

Aaron said...

That sounds awesome! I think I've seen that somewhere like Real Simple before. I might have to try it for my less frequent chores.

Mindy said...

I've always thought about trying the daily thing, like bathrooms on Mondays, dusting on Tuesday etc. It lasts for a week or two and then I forget what days were assigned what. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning something. I love the idea of the chore checklist AND the index cards that Jen mentioned. I need to apply SOMETHING to make things seem not so crazed around here.

Anne said...

this is what we are going to try :)

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