Thursday, September 29, 2011

Burlap Covered Lampshade and A Curtain Question

I'm gonna make this short and sweet OK?  I finally covered my lampshade and I did it using this tutorial from Isabella & Max Rooms.

Here's a waaaay before:

and here's a regular before:

Like I've said in the past, there's a sheen on the white lampshade that you can't really see in pictures, but the burlap helps to soften it and I'm really loving the texture.

Alright, now on to the curtains... I sold a floor lamp and my old curtains (in the picture above) and now I have $45 to buy four new panels for my bedroom. 

I found four unopened panels of the Ikea Vivan on Craigslist for $20.  I think that they're pretty sheer, but I was wondering how sheer.  Does anybody have these?  If they're just kind of sheer, I'm definitely going to get them, but if they're pretty much like hanging a thin layer of gauze then I may have to pass and make a trip to Ikea and pick up two sets of the Ritva

Another option would be to go ahead and get the Vivan curtains and line them, which would put me at $40.  What do you think?

Either way I've decided that plain white panels are the way to go.  I took a pair of the Ritva curtains out of our guest room to see how they looked in our room and I like them. That's what's hanging up in the first picture.

Any other suggestions on how to get 4 white panels for $45 would also be welcome!


Kim @ keller-creative said...

I have the vivan sheers in my master bedroom. To me, they aren't that sheer. I have pictures on my blog (they are behind my bed).

Aaron said...

Thanks so much Kim! I'm gonna get 'em. Very excited to be saving $25 and not driving to Charlotte!

Jen said...

Let us know how you like them - I'm having the exact same debate. Hard to drive 3 hours to an Ikea, not knowing if I'll like either. I may just modify white sheets - the perfect translucence.

Elz said...

I just use twin flat sheets from walmart. Sounds ghetto but they're the perfect amount of "sheer". Plus it's $5 per panel and they're the perfect length already. Just get those clippy curtain rings and voila! I've also added trim and such or used them as liners too.

InteriorGroupie said...

I love the first picture...can you keep them there? I also love Elz's suggestion of sheets! haha smart to add trim to dress them up a bit. I just painted curtains and they turned out really well...used Ikea Lenda curtains as my base.

Ryan and Carrie said...

Don't know if you already bought the sheers, but Target has 4 panels for around $42 including tax. The cloth is not sheer and is white sailcloth. It is from their Room Essentials line and two panels come in each pack for around $18.99.

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