Friday, October 28, 2011

Thrifty Inspiration: Thrift Store Finds + Paint

I haven't made any trips to thrift stores recently because the last time I made the rounds I came up completely empty handed....well, I guess not completely empty handed.  I did find the nightstand that I slip-covered at the Salvation Army down the street. 

That was kind of a fluke.  Usually, when I go thrifting I spend way more time driving around than I actually do in the stores.  Driving around wastes a lot of gas, and gas wasting seriously discourages frequent thrift store trips.  I think thrift stores should be located in a mall-like space so you only have to get out of your car once.  Who's with me?

These ladies have inspired me to give my local thrift stores another go.  They've had a bit more luck than I have and created some fabulous pieces with their finds. 

Brandi at Blue Cedar Lane has a great eye.  She bought a vase from Good Will and gave it a paint job that transformed it into a West Elm knock-off.

 Can you believe Dana at Crafted Niche paid $7.50 for that table?  Amazing!

Here's another thrifter with a great eye.  Jeniffer at Contemporary Harbor found this clock for $3 and painted it white.

Maybe I'll do some planning and plot out the shortest distance to a few thrift stores and hit 'em up this weekend to see what I can find!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer Leible said...

Thanks for the feature and link! That is so sweet! I totally understand your discouragement sometimes! I often have a hard time finding pieces I really think are worth the price, the trouble, and are really cute. Good luck thrifting this weekend! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for featuring my table! I'm with you on getting discouraged. I may walk into a thrift store 10 times without finding something. I just try to pop in when I can. Have a great weekend!

Dana @

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