Monday, February 28, 2011

After a year of searching....NEW LAMPS!

Why are lamps so dang expensive!?  I searched and searched my usual spots for inexpensive lamps before I stumbled on these at Wal-Mart (of all places).  When I say I searched and searched, I mean it took me about a year to find lamps at a reasonable price.  Every floor lamp I saw at places like T.J. Maxx and Homegoods was about $80 and up, and I needed two of them so that was not gonna fly.

This is kind of what I was looking for, but with a much smaller price tag
Chelsea Floor Lamp $125
We had been using lamps that were given to us as a wedding present.  I picked them out almost five years ago.  It was a pretty good deal too, three lamps in a box for 100 bucks.  In the last year or two, though I've really started to love plain drum shades.  I could have just changed out the shades on my old lamps, but I didn't think it would look good with the scrolly details below the bulb.
Old lamp
This is what I ended up finding at Wal-Mart.

The lamp comes with a shade that I'm not crazy about, but for a $40 base I figured I could dump the shade it came with and find an cheap drum shade.  Wal-Mart's Canopy line has drum shades for $15 (Target's 14" drum shades are $20).  For a little more than $110, less than the price of my inspiration, I was able to get two floor lamps to light up my living room.
To offset the cost of the new lamps, I sold the two table lamps from my old "lamps in a box" set and a ladder bookcase that had been in the corner where the new lamp is now.  I ended up getting $40 for the pair of lamps and $50 for the bookcase.  So's like I got two floor lamps for $20.

ALSO...check out these cute percale weave sheets from Wal-Mart's Better Homes & Garden's line.

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