Monday, February 28, 2011

Awesome ULTA Deal!

$88 in free make up?  Yes, please.  OK, I know the $88 price tag is a bit inflated, but still, I really like ULTA brand make up so I was happy to get anything for free.

I've started using their mineral make-up, it's really good and almost half the price of Bare Minerals.  I needed some more when I saw this deal and got so excited.  I was gonna get free stuff for buying things that I already needed. I made a trip to the store, and I got the ULTA mineral finishing powder and an eyeshadow for $21 and then used their $3.50 off coupon.  So for $17.50  I got 17 pieces.  The bag is cute too!

On top of getting a lot of make-up for a little money there was a card in the bag that provides a link to take a survey about the products.  When you take the survey you get a coupon that's at least worth $5. 

Here's a breakdown of what's in the bag:
-lip gloss duo that I will never use:  womp womp :(
-lipstick that I will never use, because I don't have the guts, not because I don't like it:  dislike
-mirror compact that I will never use, well maybe never:  OK
-4 make up brushes, 2 of which I will use:  like
-nail polish that I will use:  really like
-full sized blush that I will use: YAY!
-full size volumizing mascara:  LOVE
-2 eyeliner duos in colors I will absolutely use:  LOVE!!!
-2 eyeshadow quads in colors I will absolutely use (their eyeshadow does not crease either!):  DOUBLE LOVE

This deal lasts until March 12, or (probably?) until supplied last.

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