Monday, March 28, 2011

Cheap Eats: Stove-top Popcorn

Is anyone else having a suh-low Monday?  Mine felt like it would never end.  I forgot to pack my lunch last night and ended up leaving some things out of my lunch this morning as I rushed to get it together, so I was super hungry by the end of the school day.

After I hugged my little boy and changed into more comfortable clothes I got to work on a snack.  Stove-top popcorn is one of my favorites. 

It's so much cheaper to make popcorn yourself rather than buy microwave bags, especially if you buy the Smart Balance stuff.  That bag of popping corn was about $3 and it'll probably take me 6 months to get through.  Stove top popcorn also tastes a lot better and doesn't have any crazy artificial ingredients and preservatives in it.

The extra few minutes of shakin' a pot over the stove are worth it.

I have one tip for good stove top popcorn:  heat the oil with one kernel of corn in it.  When you see bubbles start to form around the kernel, put the rest of the popping corn in.  I used to wait until the kernel popped to put the rest in, but found that by that time the oil had gotten too hot and half of the popcorn would burn. 

It's ready!

And finally....a must have:
It sticks right to the popcorn and makes it soooo good!

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