Sunday, March 27, 2011

Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn Knock-Offs at Carolina Pottery

I realize that this post is not going to be useful to very many people since there are only 4 Carolina Pottery store locations and they don't have an online store.  BUT maybe it'll encourage you to hit up a store like it near you.  Garden Ridges are pretty similar, they may even have some of the same product, and there are a lot more locations.  Also, if there are other chains similar to Carolina Pottery that I'm not familiar with I'd love to hear about them.

Carolina Pottery is a ginormous store with everything from accent furniture to faux flowers to glassware.  As you'll see from some of my pictures the stores are very bare-bones and warehouse-ish.  Everything they sell isn't amazing, but I found some great deals with a lot of style among the 6,500 square feet of items.

Lets start with one of my favorite finds.  This trunk comes in a bunch of different sizes and would be great as a side table or coffee table.  They range from $40-$100 and look very similar to the Mayfair Steamer line at Restoration Hardware which ranges from $800-$2,500.


This little cloche is $7 and it came home with me.  It doesn't have the wooden pedestal like the Restoration Hardware cloche, but I found one at a thrift store for $2.  So, for $9 I was able to recreate a $69 accessory from Restoration Hardware.

I am a sucker for paned mirrors.  This one is amazing, but it's still a little too expensive for me at $199.  

I actually like this better than the arched mirror that Pottery Barn had a few seasons ago.


This glass canister also came home with me.  It was $7.  The canister from Pottery Barn that's the same size is $34.  Sorry for the horrible picture.  I snapped it in my bathroom real quick because I forgot to take a picture in store.


That's it for the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn knock-offs.  Here are some other great items I saw.

gilded faux bamboo side tables $60-$75

glass lamp $49

mirror $70

more trunks $40-$100

wooden sunburst mirror $35

(not sure if I love this or hate it) mirror & glass side table $100

These metal sphere thingies look like something Restoration Hardware would sell $10-$20.

Are there other chains like Carolina Pottery in other parts of the country?  I'd love to hear about them, so feel free to fill me in!

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jessa said...

I wish they had one of these stores near me. I love that mirror and the trunks! Lucky!!

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