Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cupcakes and Pork Chops

Doesn't sound like a great combination does it?  Well, both of those items made our Saturday very exciting.

First, the three of us set out this morning to use this baby.

I need some khaki pants badly.  They are a necessary evil for a teacher, but I didn't find anything.  My husband and I left Gap and Banana Republic empty handed and decided we could use a little pick-me-up so we proceeded to what I think is the best cupcake shop in Raleigh (possibly the world?).

We discovered Gigi's a couple months ago and we are hooked.  The cupcakes are so good.  The shop is actually a franchise with 36 locations.  I feel kind of guilty for turning my back on Raleigh's locally owned, The Cupcake Shoppe (whose store is way cuter than Gigi's), but Gigi's cupcakes just taste so much better.  They have such unique flavors that vary daily.  My husband got a red velvet cupcake and I got a Kentucky bourbon pie cupcake.

How cute is that little white chocolate heart?

Now, on to the pork chops...we've been looking for a place to buy locally raised meat that actually comes from a farm (not a stockyard) with no hormones or antibiotics.  My husband and I have decided that we will no longer purchase cheap meat.  We decided that we'd rather pay a higher price for meat and eat less of it than run the risk of exposing our son to e.coli, salmonella, hormones, and antibiotics, all of which aren't present in free-range, real farm-raised meat.

We are so glad that the Raleigh Farmer's Market is about five minutes away from where we live.  We made a stop on the way home and found The Well's Pork and Beef shop. 




I'm actually not eating meat right now in an effort to lose the baby weight that I'm still carrying around, but when we cook the pork chops that we bought I might have to have a little taste. 

After we got home and Little Man took a nap, we headed back out to do a little grocery and thrift store shopping.  I found some great things that I'll post about tomorrow.  I think I'll title that one "Vintage Suitcase and Organic Burritos."

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