Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspiration: Interiors from Parenthood

Parenthood is one my new favorite shows.  Well, I guess it's not so new.  It's in its second season, but I don't think it's gained the popularity it deserves yet.  One of the things that makes it a favorite is all of the beautiful interiors (designed by Julieann Getman) of the different houses the in which the show takes place.  They're each so different, well put together, and believable as real, lived-in spaces.  There are three main houses and each of them fits its fictional family so well.

I thought I'd post a few inspiring pictures from the show before the weekend starts since I've already laid out my plans for the next two days.

p.s. Sorry if these have already made the rounds in the blog world and this is old news. 

I picked one picture from each house.  I'll start with my favorite.  I love the color scheme.

 This living room looks so cozy.

In all its modern glory:

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