Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Weekend

I got so much done this weekend.  I finished my curtains and got them hung,  I installed book rails in my son's room and I sent a car load of stuff to The Salvation Army.  Good weekend.  I'll have a whole post on my curtains tomorrow...until then here's a little sneak peak.  Look at how high they are!  Right up against the molding!

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Michelle said...

Just found your blog today via Tip Junkie. Love the tutorial on your curtains! Just wanted to suggest a little something...and you can totally ignore it and tell me to mind other blogs. LOL

You might try pleating the curtains on the very top and clipping them from behind so the little clips don't show. Does that make sense? Essentially, just slip them from behind and only your rings will show and the clip will be hidden behind the fabric.

Anywhoooo, I'll definitely check back often as you have wonderful ideas. I want to make a key display now!

Take care!

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