Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dead Ringer: Restoration Hardware Venetian Beaded Mirror & Cindy Crawford for JC Penny Pearl Beaded Mirror

This is a good one.  The items in my last Dead Ringer post had a $50 difference in their prices.  These beaded mirrors look almost identical, but the one from Restoration Hardware is over $350 more than the one at JC Penny.

This 30"x40" mirror is  $425 at Restoration Hardware.
This mirror is the same size and it's $69 in JC Penny's outlet.  They also have free shipping on orders over $69 right now. 


Kim @ keller-creative said...

wow! That is an awesome find.

Niki @ World in a Paper Cup said...

I'm thinking that from the pics the JCPenny one even looks a little cuter. Such a good find!

Aaron said...

I know! I think I like the cheaper one better too!

Shannon said...

I am desperate to find 2 of these mirrors! If anyone knows where I can find the please let me know.


Sarah S. said...

I'm with Shannon, although I only need 1. I can't find the Cindy Crawfor one anywhere.

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