Friday, June 17, 2011

Boy Nurseries Are Difficult

I'm having a hard time with my son's nursery change-up.  Right now it's a disaster area and completely unusable.  All he can do is sleep in there.  I have to do something about it soon.  Like, this weekend soon.  I'm still not totally sure what it is though. 

Maybe one day I'll have a girl and she'll have a pretty room like one of these.  Girls' rooms just seem to be so much easier to decorate.
This one's been floating around Pinterest lately.  via
Any boy nursery inspiration you'd like to share?  Are girls' rooms really easier?  I'd love to know!

Y'all have a good weekend!


Full Plate Designer said...

Boy nurseries are harder...but you are doing great! Represent for us mommies to boys out there!

Beth said...

Boy nursery inspiration galore here:

Amelia said...

I totally agree! We're about to phase our son out of his nursery just as soon as we're done with the changing table (pleasepleasepleaseplease) and I've decided that choosing a bright palate is going to make it a lot more fun for me than the neutral blues and tans that I originally went with. I'm thinking orange and turquoise with all of the vintage elements that we already have will help me feel a lot more excited about putting things together!

* simple sequins * said...

Man - your blog is awesome! When I saw that nursery, I knew I had to join your blog/site. The coloring of the blog is so calming and fun at the same time.
have a nice time, wherever you are,
~ Renae

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