Thursday, June 16, 2011

T.J. Maxx Finds

I made a quick stop by T.J. Maxx on my way to Target yesterday and the home-wares department was bringin' it!  Yes,  I said "bringin' it."  I think I've been spending too much time with middle schoolers.   

Anywho...I was just browsing through and I was kind of shocked at the amount of stylish furniture they had. 

Here are a few of the super affordable pieces I saw:

Black and white lattice ottoman $55.

 Brown, gold, green suzani ottoman $55.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this credenza looked like a Restoration Hardware piece and at $200 it was a lot cheaper than anything you could find there. 

I know the inventory fluctuates from store to store, but if this is any indication of what other T.J. Maxxes might have right now, I'd say it's a good time to look.


Jennifer Leible said...

Ooh I love that credenza!! I also looove Restoration Hardware, but it certainly doesn't fit into my budget! I usually go to Home goods to look for this stuff but I think I should go check out my TJ Maxx as well! Thanks for sharing!

Mindy said...

I've never been to a TJ Maxx - shocking I know! You're makin' me wanna find one in the neighborhood though! :o)

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