Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dead Ringer: 2 for 1 Summer Sandal Edition

Ok, this post is not home related at all, but when I find a good deal I just have to share. 

Here's the first Dead Ringer:  These babies are from the Seychelles Summer 2010 line and they were originally $90.  (There's a size 9.5 on clearance at Amazon for $31.98!)

I was thrilled when I came across these for $30 at Shoe Carnival the other day.

I ended up getting a pair in this color....

....they're made by LifeStride, which is why the sole is a little thicker than the Seychelles shoes, but it also makes them super comfy.  I wore them today and my feet feel fine!

I got the tan color because I was inspired by these lovely shoes worn by Emerson of EmersonMade.com.  She practically has them on with every summer dress she modeled....that tan color goes with everything.

In my search that led me to the pair of LifeStride shoes I bought, I also found the shoes below.

Here's the second Dead Ringer:  This pair of sandals is from this year's Seychelles line and they're $90.

This pair of sandals is from Target and they're $17.99(amazing!).  I didn't get these because they don't come in tan (womp womp), but they are super cute and you can't beat $18 for a solid knock-off.


HC said...

I have the last pair from Target. I really like them!

InteriorGroupie said...

LOVE these sandals, and I really like the brown you chose! By the way, I awarded you a blog award today - stop by!

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