Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a start....'s not exactly beautiful...but it's a start.  I bought some things to help get me organized. 

Before I show you my very unimpressive pictures, here's another beautiful pantry to go along with the organization inspiration I posted last week.
via pretty....and now, my pictures.

Thanks to a little $10 basket from Target, my arch enemy (that I originally posted about here), the kitchen/dining area counter, has been vanquished.  All clear!  Hopefully it'll say that way.

Here's another $10 basket that's doing a great job of concealing clutter.  This one is from HomeGoods and it's on the top shelf of our pantry.

This handy dandy broom holder is another addition to my pantry.

My last purchase was not cheap, but it was necessary.  My husband and I bought some nice Henckels knives last year and they've been clanking around in our silverware drawer ever since.  We looked and looked for something to keep them in so they would stay sharp.  We didn't want a big butcher block because we only have two, but we could never find anything small to keep them in.  We came across this drawer organizer last week and despite the high price tag it came home with us. 

Obviously I still have so much to do, but I'm on my way to having more beautiful organization!

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InteriorGroupie said...

Looking good!! Good choice on the knife storage - good knives make me happy every time I cook (aka every day...)

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