Friday, June 3, 2011

White Walls?


I saw the picture above via  They typically feature super modern interior design, but today they posted this shabby chic kitchen with an industrial twist.  I love the big open space and all the white.  Makes me want to paint my whole house white.  It looks so fresh!

Anyone have mostly white walls that they love or hate?  I'd really love to hear what you think about living with white walls.

I'll pretty much be thinking about my walls all weekend.  Hopefully I'll be productive and have some time to relax too. 

Happy Friday!


Lee said...

This picture is wonderful!! I think the white with a play of bricks is wonderful!

jamie said...

i love that kitchen but not fond of white. i am renting an apartment where everything is white and i hate it. i have a toddler need i say more haha.imb

Aaron said...

hmmmm...I also have a toddler and I hadn't thought of that.

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