Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check It Out: Pure Style Home

Do you guys read Pure Style Home? I usually try not to be a bossy pants and tell y'all, my wonderful readers, what to do since I am no expert.  I'll make an exception this time and tell you that you have to should be reading Pure Style Home by Lisa Liess (who is an expert).

She's an amazing designer (that's her in her living room above) in the DC area that creates spaces that are beautiful enough to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens.   She just did two posts this week about family friendly spaces and what works and what doesn't that were really helpful.  Her blog is like free design school.

The best part about Lisa's home is that she works on a real budget.  Instead of buying brand new appliances for her kitchen reno she painted her fridge with chalkboard paint. Genius....and it looks fabulous.
So basically she's my design crush and I aspire to have a home that's a little more like hers: traditional with an eclectic twist. 

Beautiful, family friendly, and budget conscious design.  Love.  Get reading.

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