Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey There!

Please excuse my absence on Thursday and Friday.  I made a quick trip to the D.C. area to visit with a very special 5 week old and his mommy. 

I left a bit earlier than I had originally planned and didn't get a chance to complete posts for the two days I was out of town.  Oh well!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Fall weekend!  I'll post again later today with an update on the progress of our master bedroom.

Also...thanks to Kim at A Girl and A Glue Gun for giving my fall leaf initial a shout out!


Ashley said...

I am loving all the shimmer on the door and doorstep!!~

Aaron said...

I know! I love the blingy pumpkins.

julie40cat said...

How did you make the swag on your front door? Thanks

Aaron said...

Julie, I wish I could take credit for that, but that pic is from Country Living. Just click on the "via" to go to the source.

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