Monday, October 17, 2011

Master Bedroom Progress and Wishlist

Y'all are probably so tired of seeing this angle of my bedroom, but here it is again in it's most up to date state. 

Here's a quick rundown of the most recent changes:

I got my curtains lined and hung.  I finally found four Wal-Mart sheets to line my curtains, and I made a quick stop by Ikea on my way to D.C. last Wednesday to pick up another $7.99 curtain rod to match the one that I already had.  Where else can you get an "83 curtain rod for that cheap?

I hung some $3 Wal-Mart frames that I already owned on the left side of the bed and I recovered my lamp shades in a darker burlap.  I used a coupon to Hancock Fabrics and it only cost $4. 

I think the natural burlap looks so much better than the bleached.  Once again, here's the tutorial I used. 

Ok, now on to the wishlist portion of this post...please do not laugh at my attempt to use Photoshop...or whatever...go ahead and laugh.  It's pretty ridiculous.

Filling the frames is going to be pretty easy once I decide what's going to go in them.  I'll probably do some more free botanicals.

There are some amazing DIY sunburst mirror tutorials out there and I plan on copying one of them.  This project shouldn't cost that much money, but all the tutorials I've seen seem to be pretty time consuming.  (The mirror I Photoshopped into the picture is from Ballard designs and it's $529 and humongous.)

The biggest obstacle to getting our master bedroom "finished" is that "super cheap" chair.  The one in the picture is actually from Pottery Barn.  I just wanted to get a sense of what a chair would look like in that corner.  I will probably be scouring Craigslist for months before I find anything that will work or that would be worth trying to transform. 

Also, this is just one side of our bedroom.  I'll probably get to work tackling the office area and the wall opposite our bed long before I find a chair to go in that corner.

So there you have it!  Progress and plans all in one post.


Jennifer Leible said...

Great plans! I'm working on reupholstering a chair right now to fill that cheap chair gap I have. :)

InteriorGroupie said...

Love the burlap on the lamps! PS - what a large room you have to work with! You could use 2 chairs over there!

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

You've already created such a serene space. You've reminded me, too, that I am not alone in the unending project feeling. Try as I might, in my own home, it's really hard to finish anything in one fell swoop, since time and funds are always limited.

I love seeing your progress.

All the best,

house no. 2 said...

your master is one of the prettiest i've seen. the next room on my 'to do list' is my master bedroom. i'm actually striving for a similiar look - the light hues, the pale walls, and i'd love to have the black iron bed. but..i can't find one anywhere for a decent price! what colour is that on your walls?

Jennifer@ Blissfully Ever After said...

I just did a google search for burlap lamp shade and your tutorial came up...I am really looking to find out what type of burlap material you used and/or where you purchased it from. I want to make sure I use one that holds up well for this project.

Thanks a bunch!
Jennifer @Blissfully Ever After

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