Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Inspiration

Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st!?  I'd planned to have a complete, home-made advent calendar by well...tomorrow, but I haven't even started yet.  I've actually had the plan for my calendar in my head since last Christmas.  I have the ornaments, I just need to buy a few more things and get going.  I really want my calendar to be a special tradition for my little man, and since he's still pretty young I think it's OK that we won't really be able to use it this year, but I'd hate for next Christmas to roll around and still not have a calendar.  I think I'm going to work on the ornaments little by little over the next few weeks to get all 25 done.  Hopefully I'll have a little ornament tutorial by tomorrow.

Since I don't have my own calendar yet, I figured I'd post some that I think are pretty inspiring. 

1.  Don't you love those little mittens?!
2.  I like the idea of having a separate little tree for advent ornaments.
3.  Love advent action cards that encourage children to do things for others.
4.  So pretty!
5.  Genius!  Little magnetic containers that you could put on any magnetic board or even on the refrigerator. 

Have a great Wednesday!


Mindy said...

Oh, I love all of those! The mittens are adorable. Looking forward to seeing the one you come up with!

Ashley said...

Love the magnets!!~

Beth said...

Thank you for your post today...I've had advent calendars on the brain and I'm going to give Katie Bower's version a whirl!

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