Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ornament Wreath

There are about a bajillion different versions of the ornament wreath out there in the blog world (I believe it all started here).  I actually made the one below two years ago.  I used a live wreath from Costco, which dried out and died, but I kept the ornaments strung on the floral wire, so all I have to do is go out and buy a wreath for this year.  I  didn't have time to go get one yesterday, but as soon as I snatch one up, my front door will be nice and decorated.  I figured a post about my old wreath (which will soon be my current wreath) would be better than a post that included pictures of my Christmas decorations all over my living room floor, yes?

OK, so here's the process:  first, I took off the metal tops of the ornaments and hot glued them back to the glass balls.  Apparently if you don't do this they'll just pop off.  Then I just strung the ornaments onto floral wire.  (Other versions use a coat hanger, but trying to bend a coat hanger into a circle didn't sound like fun to me.)

Once the ornaments were on the wire, I just had to spread them out onto the wreath.

I used more floral wire to attach the ornaments to the wreath.  I think I had to secure it in about ten different places before I could pick up the wreath and not have sagging ornaments.

So easy!  And since I'm trying to spend as little money as possible, especially on Christmas decorations which will just come down in a few weeks, it's nice to not have to go out and buy new supplies.  I can just reuse the string of ornaments I already have.

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Full Plate Designer said...

So pretty! The evergreen adds just the right touch. I haven't seen an ornament wreath like this...I'm going to be trying this one!

Amanda said...

Love it! So unique and just the right amount of glam. =)

Meagan said...

I made one tonight, and it looks great!!! Thanks for the instructions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this idea and the instructions! I'm going to try to make one to match my front door. Great idea to put it on a fresh wreath. Wish me luck!

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