Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pre Holiday Season Cleaning!


I've been doing some really boring and not so pretty organizing for the past couple of days.  I figured I'd post that beautiful picture of a bathroom cabinet from BH&G instead of the garbage bags of clutter that I'm getting rid of.

With family visits and Christmas decorating right around the corner, I better get it done now, right?

Hope you're doing something much more interesting with your day!


Comeca Jones said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer Leible said...

That is some very pretty organization! I wish mine looked like that!

Aaron said...

I know me too! Maybe if I put that much effort into my organization it would help me keep it organized.

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

I need to be doing the same thing. Atleast you're making some progress...I have been extremely lazy:)

AaReAn said...

ha nothing better then a good cleaning day!!!
This is way random but I saw you commented on Cup of Jo's blog for her necklace giveaway...and thought I'd let you know I'm doing a similar giveaway with a VERy cute personalized stamped necklace!

You should come check it out...hey two entries is better then one right?! :-)


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