Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shared Spaces and Playrooms

Y'all gave me such great advice about having a toddler and an exhausting pregnancy when I announced that I was expecting again, that I'm back for more words of wisdom!

We found out that baby #2 is a boy last week, and I'm seriously considering putting both boys in one room to sleep, and making our third bedroom into a playroom.

The thought of baby and toddler waking each other up at night worries me quite a bit, but Little Man slept in our room until he was six months old and we'll probably do the same with this baby.  That way they won't really be sleeping in the same room until Little Man is almost three and baby #2 has established good sleep habits. 

Have any of you other mommies had any luck with bunking your kids together or did it cause more problems than it was worth?

If I'm going to do this, I'd really like to get the playroom finished within the next few months.  Right now the toy clutter is pretty under control, but we don't have any room for big things.  I'd love for Little Man to have space for a little table and chairs or even a train table and we just don't have room for that right now and I can't see fitting that stuff into a room with a big crib or a twin size bed. 

Until I make any decisions and fill y'all in on the plans I'll come up with, here are some shared space and playroom inspiration pics I've been collecting on Pinterest.

I've been looking at shared spaces, not because I'm going to completely overhaul my decor, but because I'm curious to see how other people have fit a crib and a bed into one room.  

Isn't the first picture of that cowboy room adorable?  I love the arrangement, but I think a crib and bed would fit better in our room if they're arranged like the ones in the picture below.

I've come across some great playrooms and I'm almost 100% positive the the purchase of an Expedit storage unit from Ikea is in my near future.



Amelia said...

I think that we're going to have our children share a room (we only have one so far, but hopefully number 2 is just around the corner!)

I saw that the Handmade Home is talking about this today too for a little extra inspiration!

Mindy said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to have a separate space for a playroom. We just had baby number 3 and we ended up moving our son (6) and daughter(4)into a shared room in order to have a baby room. Baby will also be in with us for at least 2 months, but I thought the same thing about sleeping patterns.
So far, the shared room with the older kids is working great. Once Baby is two or so, we'll put the two girls together and our son will get his room back. He's counting down the days. :o)
I think if Baby won't be in the shared room until 6 months or so, you'll be fine. And the bonus of having that extra space just for toys and playing would be super fantastic, in my opinion.

Lindzena said...

Very cute pictures! I remember sharing a bedroom as a kid, it really isn't a big deal or a problem at all until you get a bit older. And that is for my sisters and I, it might be different for brothers. I am excited to see how things move forward!

the Powell's said...

This is late since I just found your blog, but thought I'd offer my 2 cents! We are preg. with boy #3 and we are actually putting him in with the other 2 as well! (I'm planning on doing their room similar to your space nursery!) We had the first 2 together and were the same as you -baby in our room until about 6 months. It worked out really well, and I even had a TERRIBLE sleeper for a 2 yr old before the 2nd came along. I worried that the baby would wake my toddler, but he slept through any night time interruptions just fine and they sleep great together now.
Good Luck and congrats on boy #2- I love having 2 boys together!

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