Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Happy Birthday

A couple weekends ago we celebrated Little Man's 2nd birthday!  I still can believe he's 2!  I kept things super low-key.  I didn't do nearly as much stuff as I did for his first birthday.  And ya know what?  He didn't seem to mind a bit.  We just had a fun day with family and ate a bunch of pizza and cupcakes.  We even had great weather in the middle of February so we were able to enjoy most of the party outside. 

I loooooved throwing a simple (low stress) party.  I designed the invites, cupcake toppers, and banner, and I only spent money on getting the invitations printed ($6 postcards from Costco) and a stack of scrapbook card stock from Wal-Mart for my dot garland.  Oh yeah, and I made these fantastic low-sugar, carrot and pineapple cupcakes from a recipe I found on

Speaking of birthdays, yesterday The Thrifty Abode turned one!  It's hardly worth mentioning, especially since I've been blogging so irregularly for about three months now, but I figured I'd do it any way.  

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Leap Day!

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Kim @ keller-creative said...

Happy Birthday Little Man and Thrifty Abode!

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