Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Print and Thanks!

Tomorrow I'll show off my new leaner mirror that I found at Home Goods, but today I'm just gonna do a little self promoting and say some quick thank yous.

I just added a new print to my Etsy shop!  I have mostly boy themed prints, so I figured I'd make a fun, colorful, polka dotty one for girls.  I've also dropped the price of my 8x10 prints to $12 and set up a new way to purchase an 11x14 or a 16x20.  I hope I've made it easier.  I'm also still offering 30% off to Thrifty Abode readers when they use the coupon code THRIFTY.  Head on over to my Etsy shop,  Lanie and Lola and take a look around! 

Thanks to Casa Sugar for featuring my DIY jug lamp!

Thanks to Lil Sugar for featuring my nursery gallery wall!

Thanks for the pins!

Pinterest has become the second biggest referrer (next to Google) of traffic to the Thrifty abode and it's definitely due to the wonderful people who have pinned my projects and pictures from my posts.  Thanks a lot!


Lindzena said...

Wonderful! Congrats on all of the traffic - pintrest is revolutionizing the blogging world! I love that print, btw, very cute.

Allred Fam said...

You're welcome. For pinning things on your site! :) Thanks for all the great ideas.

Christy said...

So glad to hear from a blogger that they are appreciating the pinterest posts sending traffic their way. I think the crafting community may be getting a bit nervous with the publicity surrounding pinterest's user aggreement and the fear of lawsuits. If used correctly I think it's a great compliment to the source, glad you think so too!

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