Thursday, April 12, 2012

Affordable Sofas and Chairs

In my search for the perfect, inexpensive, white chair for my bedroom I've come across a few gems that, for one reason or another just aren't quite right for my space, but still very reasonably priced and stylish. 

1.  Linden Street Friday twill slip-covered chair from JC Penney $600.  It comes in a few colors and it looks very much like the Pottery Barn Comfort.  At $600 it's reasonable, but still just out of my price range.

2.  Sandby Sofa from Ikea $299.  I love how sleek this little sofa is!  It would be perfect in an office or a small apartment.  Oh, how I wish the chair in the Sandby collection had arms!

3.  Colette Chair from JC Penney $650.  This chair looks very similar to the Harrison Chair at Williams-Sonoma that starts at $929.  However, it only comes in one fabric and it's out of my price range.

4.  Baldwin Chair from World Market $429.99.  This one looks like the Sweep Chair from West Elm, but it only comes in brown.

5.  Lindley Sofa from World Market $599.   Can you believe a sofa that stylish is only $599?  I wish they made a chair like it.

6.  Linden Street Danbury Chair $550.  I like the lines of this chair and it looks super comfy, but it doesn't come in the right color.


susan said...

I have expensive sofas and I have an Ikea sofa. I love the Ikea one best because when I get tired of the color or it gets stained I just take off the sofa cover and get a new one. Forget the heirloom furniture:)

Aaron said...

It's nice to hear that you love your inexpensive sofa! The price of Ikea's slip covers are great and make their furniture an even bigger value.

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