Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Pillow Post: Sham into a Bolster

Nope, that's not the same picture from yesterday's post.  I made a little tweak to one of my pillows and even though it's not a huge change, I think it's worth sharing as I can now officially place a check mark next to "freshen up pillows" on my master bedroom to do list.  

I came across this handy dandy bed pillow arrangements illustration done by Marissa at Roost a couple of days ago and it gave me just the inspiration I needed.

I decided that the top right arrangement was my fave (we have a queen bed so I have two euro shams instead of 3), which meant that I had one too many standard sized shams and I was in need of a bolster pillow. 

Since my standard sham was 20x26 and the bolster pillow is 16x26 it was just a simple matter of a little cutting and hemming.  I cut the extra 2 inches of fabric flap off of the sides of the pillow and flipped it inside out and made another seam on both sides so the raw edges wouldn't show when I turned it right side out.   Then I just took two inches off of the top and bottom with the sewing machine.  So easy and I think the slightly smaller bolster with clean edges instead of fabric flaps is a much cleaner look.

Thanks for the inspiration, Marissa!

1 comment:

Marissa Waddell said...

Your pillows look great. I'm glad my little diagram helped!

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