Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kid Sized Modern Chairs

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Yesterday, in my little Kid's Table DIY/Makeover Roundup, I mentioned that this post had inspired me to use modern style chairs for my boys' table and chair set in their future playroom.  The chairs pictured above are the most affordable ones I came across.

Keep reading or just scroll a tiny bit to see which ones I ended up getting...

The inspiration chairs were actually the set of Target chairs (pictured above) and they were originally $60 for a set.  That seemed a little high to me, plus I didn't really want to use white chairs, and I would have ended up painting them, so I searched a couple other places to find something similar and hopefully in a color I wanted.

I never, ever would have thought that I would have found a decently priced modern-ish chair at PB Kids.....and in exactly the color I wanted.  I think my jaw literally dropped when I walked in the store and saw them.  AND due to some gift cards and coupons (which is why I even bothered to look there and West Elm in the first place) I was able to get two chairs for $50! 

I picked up my chairs yesterday and then came home and started looking up links for this post when I realized that the Target chairs were a good $20 less than the ones that I had just bought.  Doh!  I considered returning the PB Kids chairs, but then realized that between shipping and painting the white Target chairs I probably would have ended up spending $50 on them anyway. 

Those Target chairs are a fantastic deal, but Little Man is already enjoying his!

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oh btw, love the modern chairs for children! thanks for that info. awesome. ~ Renae
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