Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Office Space Update

A couple weeks ago I started doing a bit of organizing and cleaning in our little office area.  This desk was usually so trashed because it was a space that I just had no idea how to fix.  Then I got my DIY pinboards up and I got a little motivation to get the area looking nice and functional. 

Here's a before that's actually a bit of a cheat.  I had already decluttered and dusted before I realized that I should take some pictures of how horrible our desk was...ya know for a really dramatic change.  Instead the picture below just shows empty pinboards and a junky desk organizer.

And here's a wider shot of our desk now:

Good, not great.  I still have mixed feelings about the black desk organizer.  Not sure if I should paint it or just get rid of it altogether.  Thoughts?

It's coming together little by little.  Here's a quick little list of the stuff I've bought so far to get my desk in shape:
-  Lamp:  $12 at Wal-Mart (Can you believe it?)
-  Glass sugar bowl to hold thumbtacks:  $3 at Target
-  Black Storage boxes for upper shelf:  2 for $14 at Wal-Mart
-  White magazine holder:  $7 on Amazon
-  Little wooden "R":  $1 at Michael's


Judy said...

Looking great. I would paint the organizer a cool color. I love the memo boards on the wall.

Amanda said...

I think the organizer looks fine because you have a black desk. :) It looks so good though!

virtual offices NYC said...

Really great that you shared how the transformation of your office space came to be. Looking forward for the next posts!

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