Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stripes and Chevron and Dots?

I'm finally finished with those stripes and it feels amazing!  I was kind of nervous about the vertical stripes because horizontal stripes seem to be so "in" right now.  


If you search "striped nursery" on Pinterest, 90% of the stripes on the walls are horizontal, and honestly...those are my favorite.

But then I saw this beautiful picture...

....and even though it's not a nursery or playroom it helped me settle on the vertical stripes.  Don't they look so cool?

I hope mine look at least half as cool when I get all the other stuff in the room.  Fingers crossed!

Now on to the chevron portion of this post....

 ....I bought this brown and white chevron from Allegro Fabrics (which I highly recommend!) and I'm going to use it, I'm just not sure if I want it on my curtains like I had originally planned.

These are actually the curtains that gave me the idea to just put fabric on the bottom of my white panels:

Looking at these curtains makes me think that I might need a pattern in a larger scale than the chevron I have for the bottoms of my curtains.  Yes?

Maybe something like this (here come the dots)...

...or maybe I'll just leave them white.  It might start looking a little busy in there now that the walls are striped.  

I'd planned on getting my curtains done as soon as that chevron fabric came in, but now I think I'll be holding off on them 'til most everything else is finished. 

So that's the playroom for now.  

I made some major, major progress in my hunt for a cheap chair (like $50 cheap) for our bedroom over the weekend and I'll share tomorrow!


(renae) simple sequins said...

Man, you have more patience and energy than I do. I barely get a room painted solid and survive. lol -
I say more power to you!!

Mary said...

I like your curtains with the bottoms of extra styling fabrics. I may be doing some of that. great idea

sally said...

Why don't you turn your fabric a quarter turn and then you'll have a vertical graphic.

gmurphy said...

I think you just need a bigger pattern on the fabric for the curtains. The chevron is too small and too much contrast all in one. Notice your inspiration photo doesn't compete w the walls. Perhaps even a solid would do the trick. Then you're not competing

Aaron said...


that's the direction I'm leaning towards...bigger pattern or none at all.

I'm hoping the stripes won't be such big "competition" once everything else gets in the room and hopefully they'll fade into the background more.

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