Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Bit of Brass

While I was looking for hardware to give my dresser a face lift I came across these.

I couldn't use them on my dresser, because the drawer fronts are bowed, so I immediately started thinking of another piece of furniture that I could use them.  I think brass accents can give a piece of furniture so much character even if it's in small doses.

I decided to put them on our TV stand.  Our TV stand is actually a bookcase that we had custom made at one of those unfinished furniture places.  Our living room is so small that I needed a TV stand that was really shallow.  Our custom bookcase fits perfectly at 12" deep and it was a little over $100.  Not bad for a solid wood custom bookcase. 

Here's a before:
I took the picture when I was in the middle of clearing off the TV stand so I could move it to put the plates on.  The corner plates aren't that drastic of a change so maybe it's a good thing that the before picture is pretty horrible.  Look at the cords pouring out from behind and the hole in the back of the bookcase.  Gasp!

Here's the after.  Like I said, not drastic, but the plates add a little bit of character.  Now that I know a local hardware store carries all kinds of brass accents I might go crazy and start putting brass hardware on any piece of furniture it'll go on. 

A little inspiration....

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