Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Felt Dog Treats

I haven't had time for many projects lately because I have a two month old that wants to eat every two hours (including during the night), BUT I was able to find a little time to whip up these pretend dog treats.

This craft might seem completely random (and it kind of is), but I was inspired when Little Man was playing pretend with his stuffed dog one morning.  He kept asking me to fill up a couple bowls I'd given him with imaginary treats and water for his dog.  Then he'd pretend to take her (he named her Bell) on a walk to Target and Chipotle.  Ya know, completely normal places that a two year old to want to go.

It was just so cute, and I found myself thinking it would be nice if he had some "real" treats to give his dog.  I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to make something like play food made out of felt and realized that I had all the supplies on hand.

The dog treats only took about an hour to finish.  I wanted to get them done while Little Man was still playing so perfection was not my goal here.  My stitches are sooo uneven and I used the brown yarn as stuffing because I didn't want to spend the time trying to find the polyfill that I have.  The bone pattern I used is attached below the instructions.  I just printed it out on card stock and traced it onto the felt with a pen.

So easy and Little Man really seems to be enjoying them!


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

That's such a great idea and they turned out too cute! Children have the greatest imagination don't they!

Aaron said...

Thanks! I thought he'd play with the treats for a couple of hours and get over them, but it's two days later and he's still playing. Definitely worth the effort.

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